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Dr John Merlin

This tasty ferret food is a blend of high levels of chicken with liver, eggs and other animal proteins to provide an energy-rich nutritious diet that ferrets will find palatable and enjoy eating. Balanced omega 6 and 3 oils and a complement of vitamins and minerals are present to help maintain optimum health and vitality.

10kg - £18.99

Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch

Our Guinea Pig Crunch is a tasty and nutritious food designed to make sure your guinea pig receives a balanced, healthy diet. It contains extra vitamin C in a protected form (200mg/kg) which is essential to keep your guinea pig healthy, and linseed to help promote a healthy skin and lustrous coat. Your guinea pig will need fresh hay for additional fibre, and a constant supply of fresh clean water.

15kg - £15.99

Supreme Gerty Guinea

Premium complete food, Vitamin C enriched. Gerty¬†guinea pig¬†is a carefully blended mix of highly palatable ingredients. It includes all the vitamins and minerals required to keep your Guinea Pig in the peak of health. The variety of ingredients encourages a guinea pig’s natural foraging behaviour and ensures that the guinea pig has to gnaw, crunch and grind, giving varied dental exercise to keep teeth in trim.

12.5kg - £18.99

Excel Guinea Pig

A delicious, complementary food made from barn-dried grass harvested straight from the field. Excel Fresh Forage is an excellent source of Beneficial Fibre to help maintain dental and digestive health. Naturally high in Beneficial Fibre (55Fresh barn-dried grass Important for good dental health Helps prevent boredom Dust-extracted 100% natural, wholesome ingredients

10kg - £19.99 £17.99

James Wellbeloved Ferret

Ferretshave higher energy needs and a shorter digestive tract than cats or dogs and being carnivores their primary protein source must be meat. They need a high energy diet with a high protein and fat content which Ferret Complete provides. The main protein source in Ferret Complete is the finest quality turkey meat meal, to give a higher protein level of 36%. As ferrets’ principal source of energy, fat is a vital ingredient in their nutrition. Ferret Complete has a high fat level of 19%, derived mainly from turkey fat. We also include whole ground linseed for soft, shiny coats.

10kg - £29.99

Chudleys Ferret

Ferret is a chicken rich, fully extruded complete food which has been specifically formulated for adult ferrets and kits, providing all the nutrients required for a healthy life.The recipe has been formulated with a high meat content and crunchy texture along with a special shape, ensuring that the food is easy for your ferret to pick up and bite. Ingredients: Meat and Animal Derivatives, Cereals, Oils and Fats, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Fish and Fish Derivatives, Mineral and Vitamin Premix.

15kg - £28.99