Rabbit and Small Animal Products


Dr John Merlin

This tasty ferret food is a blend of high levels of chicken with liver, eggs and other animal proteins to provide an energy-rich nutritious diet that ferrets will find palatable and enjoy eating. Balanced omega 6 and 3 oils and a complement of vitamins and minerals are present to help maintain optimum health and vitality.

10kg - £18.99

Heygates Rabbit Choice Pellets

Heygates Rabbit’s Choice pellets are a superior quality 3mm pellet.  The carefully selected raw materials include locally produced cereals fortified with proteins, minerals and vitamins to satisfy all your rabbit’s nutritional requirements.  A vitamin C supplement is added  so that Rabbit’s Choice can be also be fed to Guinea Pigs and other small mammals. Each pellet contains all the ingredients in exactly the right proportions so that your rabbit is always getting the correct balance of nutrients.

20kg - £7.99

Alpha Ferret Feast

Alpha Ferret Feast is the ideal way of feeding your ferrets. It is a premium food that is nutritionally formulated as a complete and balanced diet. Ferret Feast contains a high proportion of poultry meal and fish meal which are recognised as being amongst the very best sources of meat protein. It is easy to feed, removes the odour of more traditional feeding regimes and contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your ferrets need in order to remain in the very best of health.

10kg - £18.99

Burgess Excel Adult Rabbit Nuggets with Mint

Burgess Excel Tasty Nuggets for Adult Rabbits is a delicious, complementary food for adult rabbits that is high in Beneficial Fibre and rich in nutrients to help maintain digestive health.

Rabbits are Fibrevores and require a blend of the two key fibres in order to maintain a healthy digestive system:

Digestible Fibre – the essential source of nutrients to keep your rabbit happy and healthy;
Indigestible Fibre – helps keeps the digestive system moving and aids to grind down teeth.

The correct ratio of these two types of fibre called Beneficial Fibre is vital for:

Digestive Health – ensures the digestive system is healthy and working;
Dental Health – keeps teeth worn down at right size and shape;
Emotional Health – encourages natural behaviour, prevents boredom and helps bonding.

Burgess Excel Tasty Nuggets for Adult Rabbits is blended into a tasty nugget, nugget foods help prevent selective feeding by removing the ability for your rabbit to only eat the parts of a traditional muesli mix it likes, ensure it receives the full benefit of its feed.

Your rabbit’s diet should be supplemented with additional roughage, which can be provided through feeding hay.

This not only aids your rabbit’s digestion, but the gnawing action will also help to keep its teeth trim and healthy.

4kg - £7.00
10kg - £15.99 £12.99

Chudleys Rabbit Royale

A complete muesli mix of pellets, micronised cereals, forage, herbs and vegetables suitable for adult and growing rabbits. This balanced diet has been formulated to promote a long, healthy and active life for your rabbit. Although a complete diet, rabbits do tend to pick through their food and therefore it is important to add extra long fibre to their diet in the form of good quality hay. Rabbit Royale is also suitable for Guinea Pigs, but as their nutritional requirements differ slightly from rabbits, a vitamin C supplement should be added to their water. Ingredients: Grass, Wheat, Oats, Oatfeed, Barley, Peas Maize, Alfalfa, Wheatfeed, Dehulled Soya Bean, Herbs (marigold flowers, mint and nettle), Carrot, Glucose, Straw, Soya Oil and Fruit.

20kg - £12.99

Wagg Bunny Brunch

A nutritious complementary food for rabbits Wagg rabbit food represents superb value for money Containing a variety of interesting ingredients Our Bunny Brunch rabbit food provides essential nutrition in every mouthful as well as a good calcium source for healthy teeth.

15Kg - £10.99

Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch

Our Guinea Pig Crunch is a tasty and nutritious food designed to make sure your guinea pig receives a balanced, healthy diet. It contains extra vitamin C in a protected form (200mg/kg) which is essential to keep your guinea pig healthy, and linseed to help promote a healthy skin and lustrous coat. Your guinea pig will need fresh hay for additional fibre, and a constant supply of fresh clean water.

15kg - £15.99

Supreme Gerty Guinea

Premium complete food, Vitamin C enriched. Gerty guinea pig is a carefully blended mix of highly palatable ingredients. It includes all the vitamins and minerals required to keep your Guinea Pig in the peak of health. The variety of ingredients encourages a guinea pig’s natural foraging behaviour and ensures that the guinea pig has to gnaw, crunch and grind, giving varied dental exercise to keep teeth in trim.

12.5kg - £18.99

Excel Guinea Pig

A delicious, complementary food made from barn-dried grass harvested straight from the field. Excel Fresh Forage is an excellent source of Beneficial Fibre to help maintain dental and digestive health. Naturally high in Beneficial Fibre (55Fresh barn-dried grass Important for good dental health Helps prevent boredom Dust-extracted 100% natural, wholesome ingredients

10kg - £19.99 £17.99