Pig Products


Heygates Breeding Sow Rolls

16% Protein – 5.5% Fibre

A similar product to the Breeding Sow Nuts but in a 15mm diameter roll which is more suitable for feeding on the ground or into straw bedding.

20kg - £6.99

Heygates Breeding Sow Nuts

16% Protein – 6% Fibre

A quality ration designed to promote milk production. A maintenance ration for a typical sow is around 2.5kg per day. After farrowing increase the feed gradually over the first 10 days. A good rule of thumb is to feed 2kg plus 0.5kg per piglet. At weaning reduce the feed to maintenance levels unless the sow is very thin.

20kg - £6.50

Heygates Country Pig Pellets

19% Protein – 5% Fibre

A grower/ Finisher ration formulated to maintain good growth rates from 10 or 11 weeks of age right through to finish. It is recommended that the feeding rate is restricted to about 2kg up to 15 weeks of age (approx 65kg live weight) or 2.5kg for older pigs. This will reduce the risk of the pig laying down too much fat.

20kg - £6.99