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PHOS RICH ROCKIES are a balanced mineral lick specially formulated for dairy cattle and ewes. The high level of phosphorus (10%) present in this lick helps to replace losses during milk production. It also balances diets low in phosphorus (eg.. grass silage and kale) which can result in poor conception rates and returns to service. Phosphorus, together with the 8.5% calcium content also helps to promote strong bone growth.

2x10kg - £29.99

Yellow Rockies (2X10Kg)

Yellow Rockies? contain a balanced formulation of minerals and trace elements including cobalt, which is required for correct rumen function and production of Vitamin B12 – without which lambs and cattle can develop pine and selenium – needed for muscle development and to assist in maintaining body temperature. A selenium deficiency can lead to white muscle disease in calves, lambs and kids

2x10kg - £18.99

Chelated Rockies (2X10Kg)

Chelated Rockies? contain key trace elements, including Bioplex Zinc, which are protected for improved absorption making them more immediately available in the animals’ digestive systems. Zinc helps to promote healthy feet, skin, fleece and udder and also benefits reproduction and growth rates. Ideally suited to all stock.


Red Rockies (2x10Kg)

Red Rockies? are specifically designed for all cattle – trace elements plus copper for growth and fertility. Especially suitable for stock kept on intensively grazed or reseeded and heavily fertilised pastures. They can help to counteract trace elements deficiencies in all cattle, horses, deer and goats. The copper content means that this lick must not be fed to sheep.