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Masham Fibre-Beet

Natural super fibre liquid diet.- Speedi-Beet with added alfalfa. – Unique pellet lozenge which rapidly absorbs water.- Ideal soft feed for recovering veterans horses and ponies with poor teeth. – Ideal source of fibre for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. – Added Biotin for maintaining hoof integrity.- Recommended by The Laminitis Trust.

20kg - £11.50

Masham Speedi-Beet

Speedi-Beet is unmolassed, quick soaking sugar beet flakes, needing to be soaked in water for only 10 minutes before use and providing horses and ponies with an extremely palatable feed. Low in sugar and high in digestible fibre Recommended by The Laminitis Trust.

20kg - £11.19

D&H; Kwik Beet

  • KwikBeetQuick soaking, unmolassed sugar beet-Ready to feed in 10 minutes-Low in sugar-High in fibre-For horses that have difficulty chewing hay or haylage, KwikBeet can be used as a partial forage replacer, providing slow releasing energy from digestible fibre-KwikBeet is suitable for horses and ponies at risk from laminitis
20kg - £11.99