Bird Feed


Tropical Parrot Mix

A blend of seeds, nuts and dried fruits. BestPets tropical mix parrot food contains many tropical ingredients that helps to keep your pet happy and healthy.
15kg - £21.99

Pigeon Mix

A complementary feed for pigeons.

This high performance food is specially formulated for performance pigeons. It contains high levels of carbohydrate and protein to provide good energy.

It is so good that your pigeon will keep coming home for more time after time!

20kg - £14.99

Parakeet/Cockatiel Mix

This is a specially selected mix of small seeds for exotic birds like cockatiels and parakeets that contributes towards a balanced and healthy diet providing a good source of energy, protein, fibre and oil from the variety of ingredients and the high sunflower seed content.


Yellow Millet, Sunflower Seed, Wheat, Canary Seed, Red Millet, Safflorseed, Oats, Hempseed, Linseed and Buckwheat

20kg - £21.99

Canary Mix

complementary feed material for canaries.

This formulation contains a special selection of high quality small seeds to provide the bird a complementary balanced diet providing a good source of protein, fibre and oil.


Canary Seed, Black Rapeseed, Linseed, Hempseed and Yellow Biscuit

20kg - £25.99

Foreign Finch

A complementary feed for finches. A blend of specially selected high quality seeds to maintain a healthy complementary food suitable for most finches. The high level of carbohydrate is good for energy with added benefits of oil, protein and fibre from the seeds.


Yellow Millet, Panicum Millet, Canaryseed, Nigerseed.

20kg - £20.99

Special Budgie Seed

A complementary feed for budgerigars.

A blend of specially selected high quality seeds providing a healthy complementary food for budgerigars, nutritionally, providing a good source of carbohydrate, oil and protein.


Yellow Millet, Canary Seed, Red Millet.

20kg - £21.99